Regional Groups

While DMTF has companies from over 40 countries, we have regional programs for two specific regions: China and Japan.

View a list of international translated documents and specifications from China and Japan.

Japan Regional Marketing Task Force

Organized under the DMTF Marketing Task Force, the Japan Regional Marketing Task Force supports DMTF's global standardization efforts. In order to join the Task Force (DMTF members only), a company must be a DMTF Participation-level member (or above) and have either an interest or regional presence in Japan. Non-DMTF members interested in joining the Japan Regional Marketing Task Force can find out more about joining and submit an application to become a DMTF member.

Read the Japan Regional Marketing announcement.

Visit the Japanese language portal of the DMTF Web site, managed by the Regional Marketing Task Force.

China Chapter

The DMTF China chapter was initiated in April 2011 and announced by DMTF in December 2012. It is the first regional chapter of DMTF in the world. It was formed to promote the adoption of DMTF standards and technologies in China. In addition, it helps Chinese companies involved in the work of DMTF and push the standardization process of DMTF based on the requirements from Chinese companies and the local market. It is a bridge between the China and DMTF.

Over the years it has facilitated DMTF standards in China and translated a number of standard specifications, white papers and technical documents. (See the list above for some of the translated documents.) It also actively engaged with other standard associations & forums to promote the DMTF standards. It organized jointly for China Cloud Computing Conference (from 6th to 8th) and China Cloud Computing Standards and Applications Conference (from 4th to 6th).

Read the launch announcement.

Visit the Chinese language portal of the DMTF Web site.