Updated Redfish DCIM Model Released for Public Review

DMTF’s Redfish® is a standard API designed to deliver simple and secure management for converged, hybrid IT – addressing both the virtual Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and the physical Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Continuing its aggressive development, the organization has released newly updated work-in-progress (WIP) schemas for public review and comment in version 0.9a of the Redfish Data Center Equipment (DCIM) Model

New updates include:

  • A Redfish Facility model to locate equipment and tie it to a physical space, such as a room, floor or building
  • “Power Domain” and “Cooling Domain” group concepts
  • Models for power distribution equipment, including Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Floor PDUs, and Automatic Transfer Switches, which will be leveraged for rack and room-scale UPS products
  • Supporting models for power equipment, including Circuit, Outlet, Outlet Groups, and Power Distribution Unit Metrics

Developers are encouraged to review these WIP schemas and provide comment before they are finalized. Please submit input via the DMTF Technology Submission and Feedback Portal. 

In addition to the Schema files, the Redfish DCIM Bundle 0.9a includes an overview presentation and mockups. It also features a new DCIM Schema Guide, within the included ReadMe file, which documents all DCIM work-in-progress schemas with text generated from the schema “description” contents.

To learn more about Redfish, click here or - for developers - visit the Redfish Developer Hub today. A one-stop, in-depth technical resource – by developers, for developers – the Redfish Developer Hub provides all the files, tools, community support and education developers need to use Redfish.