Software Licensing Management Whitepaper Is Now Available

Posted on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 12:28

DMTF’s Software Licensing Management Incubator recently released its white paper, Software Identification and Entitlement Usage Metrics. This white paper describes a representative set of use cases for cloud, data center, virtualization, and on-premise needs. The DMTF Informational paper also provides recommendations on technology standards to consider to sufficiently identify licensed software products, and to trace and gather the use of the software and other entitlement usage metrics across the span of deployments. Other interested communities and customers contributed to the DMTF work such as, Open Data Center Alliance, JP Morgan Chase, and George Mason University.

More specifically, the white paper explores:

  • Software licensing concepts and environments that may apply
  • Common scenarios for cloud, virtualization technologies and on-premise needs
  • Examples of entitlement usage metric requirements
  • Entitlement usage metrics during the software lifecycle
  • Challenges that exist to identify, trace and gather software entitlement usage metrics

To read the complete whitepaper, click here.