"Redfish School” Videos Cover OData and CSDL

Are you ready to swim to the head of the class? The DMTF is pleased to release three new videos as part of its “Redfish School” YouTube series. This group of short technical webinars, covering a variety of key topics related to the Redfish® API, now includes mini-tutorials on Redfish’s use of OData and the Common Schema Definition Language (CSDL).

The “Redfish School” series kicks off with Why Redfish? – a video overview of the standard and how it enables simple and secure management of modern scalable platform hardware – and features additional videos addressing the Redfish Model Architecture, Common Properties, as well as Chassis, Systems and Managers. Newly-available webinars include an Introduction to CSDL, Redfish CSDL Usage, and OData Client Support in Redfish.

OData – which uses Common Schema Definition Language (CSDL) – defines a set of common RESTful conventions and markup which, if adopted, provides for interoperability between APIs. Adopting OData conventions for describing Redfish Schema, URL conventions, and naming and structure of common properties in a JSON payload not only encapsulates best practices for RESTful APIs, but also further enables Redfish Services to be consumed by a growing ecosystem of generic client libraries, applications, and tools.

While Redfish is designed to be simple, human-readable and can be used with JSON only, the new videos will be helpful to many users, including Redfish service implementers that need to ensure their service conforms to OData guidelines, schema developers that want to learn to define new Redfish extensions in CSDL, Redfish client developers that may choose to use CSDL, and those using OData-based clients who would like to understand the conventions related to Redfish.

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