New SPDM and Updated PMCI Web Pages

Posted on Tue, 09/20/2022 - 08:01

DMTF recently announced that the Security Protocols and Data Models (SPDM) Working Group now reports directly to the Technical Committee. Formerly a task force under the Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Working Group, the group’s work has increased in scope, industry support and interest. This change will help with industry alignment and allow the group to work more closely with other DMTF groups and Alliance Partners. 

The SPDM Working Group creates platform security standards and technologies, which complement the organization’s other work and standards such as PMCI, the Redfish® Standard, SMBIOS, and remote access protocols that are defined in other DMTF groups.  

The working group now has its own web page where you can find information regarding upcoming deliverables, Work in Progress, status of specifications, and more. Click here to learn about the SPDM Working Group and the standards it defines.

The PMCI Working Group has also updated its web page to reflect the recent changes. 

PMCI defines standards to address “inside the box” communication interfaces between the components of the platform management subsystem. The group develops the Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI), Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP), and Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) providing a comprehensive, common architecture for improved communication between management subsystem components. 

The creation of these intra-platform manageability standards and technologies complement DMTF’s other standards such as the Redfish® Standard from the Redfish Forum, Security Protocol and Data Models (SPDM) from the SPDM Working Group, Common Information Model (CIM) profiles, as well as remote access protocols that are defined in the other DMTF groups. 

For more information about the PMCI Working Group, the standards it defines as well as upcoming deliverables, Work in Progress, status of specifications, and more click here.