New Redfish Tutorials Highlighting the Fabrics Model and Support for CXL

Posted on Thu, 11/02/2023 - 10:00

DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is back with four new installments. In these latest mini-tutorial videos, viewers will be introduced to the Redfish Fabrics Model in three parts as well as a video on support for CXL.

The three sessions on the Fabrics Model includes: Fabrics Introduction, Configuration and Routing, and Example implementations. Part one goes over Fabric Representation, Connectivity, Endpoints/switches/ports, and Adapters and Metrics. The second video discusses the Fabric Model Hierarchy, Zones, Address Pools and Connections along with showing some examples. The final video on the Fabrics Model highlights the different implementations, including Ethernet, SAS, NVMe-oF and PCI Express.

The fourth tutorial discusses the Support for Compute Express Link (CXL) devices in Redfish. This video focuses on the Chassis and System Model, Modeling local CXL Devices and modeling Remote CXL Devices.

All “Redfish School” mini-tutorials and videos can be viewed on the Redfish webinars page on the Redfish Developer Hub. In addition, the full library of DMTF videos is available on the Webinars page in the DMTF website’s Education section.

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