New Redfish Tutorial Highlighting SmartNICs

Posted on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 09:13

DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is back with a new installment. In the latest mini-tutorial video, viewers will learn about how to manage SmartNICs with Redfish. 

Redfish contains many components today for SmartNICs. This new mini-tutorial video provides an overview of SmartNICs and how to best manage them. SmartNICs have reached the point of prevalence in the industry where consistent manageability via Redfish is necessary. Sometimes known by other names and classifications, such as DPU, XPU, or IPU, SmartNICs typically represent the fusion of some form of networking functionality with other computational capacity, such as programmable offload processing capability, fixed function offload capacity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital signal processing. These processing functions can be collocated with amounts of storage, either ephemeral or persistent, giving SmartNICs equivalent capability of a traditional computing system. 

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