Learn How Redfish, PMCI, and SMBIOS Enable Interoperable Management

DMTF’s newest positioning paper – “End-to-End Interoperable Management: The Standards Requirement for Modern IT” – is now available. Detailing the organization’s uniquely holistic approach to the development of Redfish®, SMBIOS, and the suite of standards from DMTF's PMCI Working Group, this paper describes how these standards provide a powerful combination for interoperability – purpose-built for today’s complex IT environments. 

From a system point of view, DMTF’s end-to-end management standards are both internal-facing and external-facing; inside-the-box and outside-the-box – from the device to the operating system to the out-of-band (OOB) manager. In practice, DMTF is providing a continuum of interoperability that simplifies management at each point of the product lifecycle – from provisioning and deployment to operations, support issue maintenance, de-provisioning, and de-commissioning. 

This paper is designed for high-level technical audiences, as well as developers interested in learning how DMTF standards help ensure alignment and consistency throughout the data center, covering interoperable management from all angles. 

Learn more by downloading “End-to-End Interoperable Management: The Standards Requirement for Modern IT” – and share with your teams and partners – today!