Join Us for the Free Webinar, “Modeling Systems Management Data the Redfish Way”

Register now to join us on Tuesday, February 23, for the live webinar, “Modeling Systems Management Data the Redfish Way.” The DMTF’s Redfish Specification, released in August 2015, takes a modern approach to systems management using RESTful principles and a focus on developer usability. The Redfish data model differs from previous efforts by prioritizing end-user usability and scalability to enable management at the data center level. Key to the popularity of Redfish is the human-readable nature of the JSON resource payloads, which allow IT professionals and Dev/Ops alike to incorporate Redfish data into their management solutions.  The webinar, “Modeling Systems Management Data the Redfish Way,” describes the guiding principles used to define the standard Redfish schemas, and how interested parties can extend the Redfish model to encompass their own areas of expertise.

Visit DMTF’s Learning Center to access the live webinar on Tuesday, February 23 at 9 a.m. PT.  Access the presentation on-demand after the event - along with other DMTF webinars – in our Learning Center. []

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