ICYMI - Recently Published White Papers Designed to Help with Implementation

Posted on Mon, 05/02/2022 - 08:41

Did you know DMTF has several white papers designed to help implementers better understand our specifications? In case you missed it, the following are some of our recently published white papers designed to help with implementation.

End-to-End Interoperable Management: The Standards Requirement for Modern IT - Learn how DMTF’s Redfish, SMBIOS, and the suite of standards from DMTF's Platform Management Communications Infrastructure Working Group are helping enable end-to-end interoperability by addressing everything from management clients to servers to individual system components.

Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Architecture White Paper - Are you interested in understanding the use of SPDM to facilitate security of the communications among components of platform management subsystems? This resource presents the reader with an overview of the SPDM architecture, its goals, and a high-level summary of its use within a larger solution. 

Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Architecture White Paper - This paper outlines the basic architectural concepts that are driving the specifications defined by the PMCI Working Group. The focus of the PMCI architecture is to enable intercommunications between different management components of a platform management subsystem in a standard manner.

Redfish for Thermal Equipment - This white paper covers DMTF work in progress to add Redfish schema support for managing cooling distribution equipment and infrastructure - including liquid cooling distribution units, air handlers, air conditioners, immersion cooling units, and facility cooling loops.  Feedback on this material is encouraged.

Redfish SmartNIC White Paper - A SmartNIC is a network card with programmable offload capabilities. End users can migrate networking logic directly to the card to reduce system CPU usage and perform security related tasks to isolate an interface from the rest of the system. This educational resource highlights best practices for modeling these types of devices in Redfish.

Redfish Certificate Management White Paper - Redfish contains a data model that is used to describe certificates for devices, services, and other resources. It also provides interface for clients to manage their certificates. This white paper helps implementers and clients understand the Redfish certificate data model as well as the common workflows clients might require to manage certificates.

Redfish Firmware Update White Paper - This educational paper is designed to help implementers and clients understand the Redfish Firmware Update data model and how it is used to update firmware images on a system.