ICYMI -- DMTF Shares Wide-Spread Industry Support for Its Standards

DMTF recently announced that its Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) specifications have garnered industry-wide support and are actively helping to solve end-user concerns in a common, standardized way. DMTF’s Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Working Group defines specifications that address customer needs through a simple standardized way. By using solutions based on PMCI standards, customers can anticipate reduced downtime, a secure and reliable platform, lower total cost of ownership, and interoperability at both the system and component levels. These widely used standards include PLDM for Firmware Update and PLDM for Redfish® Device Enablement (RDE). 

The PLDM Firmware Update specification supports firmware updates of devices by using a standard method for obtaining current firmware version details, transferring a new code image to the device, and a consistent packaging format regardless of what type of device is being updated. 

The PLDM for RDE specification enables a management controller to present Redfish-conformant management of I/O adapters in a server, without the need for code specific to each adapter family/vendor/model. 

Both specifications can also be used in conjunction with other PMCI standards to provide a comprehensive, common architecture for improved communication between management subsystem components.

“DMTF standards provide common management infrastructure components for instrumentation, control and communication in a platform-independent and technology neutral way,” said Jeff Hilland, president of DMTF. “These two specifications are examples of delivering value to our members, customers and the industry by building an ecosystem that is truly interoperable and will ultimately improve efficiencies and provide areas for cost reduction.” 

Several key industry leaders are solving end user concerns in a common way by utilizing DMTF standards. Click here to read the entire press release and supporting quotes.