DMTF Webcast from MDC Now Available Online: Cloud Complications – Keys to Adoption and Advancement

If you missed the Management Developers Conference (MDC) this year, you can now view the 30-minute webcast, “Cloud Complications – Keys to Adoption and Advancement,” online for free. This webcast features key discussions from industry associations and vendors on what is driving cloud adoption and what vendors and users need to be aware of.

Tune in to hear them address pressing questions in the industry, including:

  • What’s the conversation in the board room as you’re trying to get cloud budget?
  • Is cloud computing better for some organizations than others?
  • What questions should you have asked your vendors while doing research?
  • How do you avoid “vendor lock-in” and do you need a cloud exit strategy?
  • Does interoperability lead to commoditization of cloud services?
  • What should vendors do to push the cloud forward? How will it change?
  • What do we have to look forward to and what should we brace ourselves for?


  • Winston Bumpus, DMTF
  • George Ericson, EMC
  • Josh Cohen, Microsoft
  • Mark Carlson, Oracle
  • Jim Davis, WBEM Solutions

To view this free webcast, click here.