DMTF Restructures CIM Activities Under New CIM Forum

Posted on Thu, 01/31/2019 - 08:59

DMTF is dedicated to continually evolving the organization’s structure to facilitate collaboration and interoperability across our standards. In an important change for 2019, the DMTF group formerly known as System Management (SM) Forum has become the CIM Forum. As part of this restructuring, all work on the Common Information Model has been consolidated under this single umbrella for increased efficiency. 

The CIM Forum will continue to manage the CIM-based DASH and SMASH standards, as well as the DASH Conformance Test Suite. In addition, the group now also includes CIM Architecture, as well as Task Forces for CIM Profiles for Platforms and Service (CPPS), and CIM Schema. These formerly independent DMTF Working Groups will now benefit from cooperating within a single Forum. 

Any dues-paying member of DMTF can participate in the CIM Forum Task Forces for no additional fee. To learn more about DMTF’s active Working Groups, Forums and Task Forces, click here.