DMTF Releases Version Three of Common Information Model (CIM) Standard

Posted on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 09:11

DMTF recently released Version 3 of the Common Information Model (CIM) standard and the Managed Object Format (MOF) schema description language.

CIM was initially developed in 1997 as a modeling language and as a schema that describes a set of conceptual models to define the components of managed computing and networking environments.  The CIM schema has since expanded to include models for new markets (including cloud infrastructure management, virtualization management, peripherals, network components and applications) and collectively has evolved to become one of the most widely implemented system and network management information models to-date.

The CIM standard enables a common definition of information for any management domain, including systems, networks, applications and services. It also allows for vendor extensions. CIM's common definitions enable vendors to exchange semantically rich management information between systems throughout the network.

As part of the CIM release, a number of enhancements and additions are introduced through new versions of the Schema including ongoing improvements to support products and alliance partners, and to support new DMTF Profiles and Management Initiatives. The new CIM Version 3.0 standard provides the following schema description enhancements:

  • Enumerations (both global and local)
  • Structures (both global and local)
  • Improved support for the specification of Methods
    • Addition of parameters
    • Default value of parameters
    • Method Return Values can be arrays or void
  • Support for the use of complex types, including by reference and by value

To download the latest version of CIM or to learn more, visit