DMTF Assigns New VP of Education

Posted on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 12:18

DMTF recently appointed Jeff Wheeler from Huawei as DMTF’s first VP of Education. The role was created in response to feedback from members confirming education as a major organizational goal. In particular, the new role will ensure a wider effort in creating and presenting instructional engineering-level materials and delivering a deeper understanding of CIM-related benefits to members.

The DMTF VP of Education is responsible for:

  • Setting the direction of the Education Committee and key projects and programs
  • Managing  the completion and implementation of Education deliverables
  • Aligning DMTF Education goals and objectives with DMTF member objectives
  • Developing educational materials and embedding them into appropriate education vehicles
  • Supporting DMTF membership surveys with Education specific questions for continuous improvement
  • Collaborating with other DMTF VPs, Committees, Work Groups, and Alliances to achieve planned deliverables

In his new role, Wheeler hopes to impact DMTF’s bottom line by creating and executing successful programs that provide value against the organization’s investments in DMTF standards and Intellectual Property. Additionally, Wheeler will aim to implement an effective “customer requirements” process that will help drive the Education Committee’s deliverables. In terms of immediate strategies, Wheeler plans to put programs in place that will provide more tools and information to DMTF’s current and potential user community, enabling a faster and more complete understanding of DMTF Standards and Specifications. 

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