DMTF Appoints New Board Vice-Chair

The Board of Directors has appointed Bill Kawakami of Cisco to serve as its Vice-Chair, a position that ensures the continuity of the organization should there be a temporary absence or disability of the Chair. Bill assumes the Vice-Chair role immediately.

A software engineering manager for the Computing System Product Group at Cisco, Bill is responsible for software development and quality assurance teams for blade Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) and Chassis Management Controller. For the past 12 years at Cisco, Bill has worked on BMC software both on the B-series (blade) and C-series (rack) servers. Bill has over 30 years of experience in software development and has been an active member of the DMTF since 2019.

For more information about DMTF Executive Officers click here. Please join us in welcoming Bill as our new Board Vice-Chair!

We would also like to thank Kimon Berlin of Hewlett Packard (outgoing Vice-Chair) for his dedication and efforts in advancing DMTF’s standards and initiatives.