DMTF Announces New PMCI Tools Task Force

DMTF has formed a new Tools Task Force within its Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Working Group. The PMCI Working Group develops the Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI), Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP), Platform Level Data Model (PLDM), and Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) specifications that provide a comprehensive, common architecture for improved communication between management subsystem components.

As work in the new Task Force begins, the group will focus on developing a set of test tools to determine conformance of a vendor’s implementation of the management software stack that implements the “Upper (data model) Layer” protocols (DSP2015) such as NC-SI, PLDM, SPDM, as well as future protocols at this level. PLDM includes a set of specifications for a variety of management functions; these include Redfish Device Enablement (RDE), Firmware Update, Platform Monitoring and Control, SMBIOS Transfer, BIOS Control and Configuration, and FRU Data. By creating a standard test interface, DMTF can open up protocol validation tools to the Open Source community.

DMTF members are invited to join by visiting PMCI’s work group. Non-members who would like to join the DMTF to contribute can learn more here:

For more information about the PMCI Working Group and the platform management standards it defines, please visit