DMTF Announces New Officers

At the July meeting in Portland, Ore., the DMTF Board appointed new officers to lead the organization as they continue to create and drive the international adoption of interoperable management standards. Please join us as we welcome the following representatives to their new positions as of August 1:

Chair of the Board – Jon Hass, Dell

Vice-Chair of the Board – Colleen Evans, Microsoft

President – Jeff Hilland, HP*

Senior Vice President – Hemal Shah, Broadcom

Executive Director – Kes Wold, Wold Consulting*

Secretary – Kes Wold, Wold Consulting*

Vice President of Alliances – John Leung, Intel

Vice President of Finance – Larry Lamers, VMware

Vice President of Interoperability – Bob Freund, Hitachi

Vice President of Marketing – Bob Freund, Hitachi

Vice President of Regional Chapters – Yinghua Qin, Dell*

Vice President of Technology – Hemal Shah, Broadcom*

*Denotes officer continuing in role

The DMTF Board awarded Winston Bumpus the honorary title of President Emeritus for his numerous contributions as both an officer and a member over the life of the organization. We would like to offer a special thank you to our outgoing officers Winston Bumpus, Shishir Pardikar and Troy Biegger for their years of dedication and service to the organization.

You can find more information about our DMTF Executive Officers here