DMTF Announces 2020 Star Award Recipients

Each year, the DMTF Star Awards program recognizes members who have demonstrated great value to the organization through the dedication of their time and efforts to advance DMTF standards and initiatives. 

The 2020 Star Awards recipients include Jeff Autor (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Patrick Boyd (Dell Technologies), Brett Henning (Broadcom Inc.), Justin King (IBM), Theo Koulouris (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), John Mayfield (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Gunnar Mills (IBM),  Scott Phuong (Cisco Systems, Inc.), Michael Raineri (Dell Technologies), Xiaoyu Ruan (Intel Corporation), Bill Scherer (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Bob Stevens (Dell Technologies), and Linda Wu (NVIDIA Corporation).

DMTF is proud to acknowledge these members for going above and beyond and contributing to the success of the organization. Our thanks and congratulations to all!