DMTF and TM Forum Joint Whitepaper Now Available: Cloud Management for Communications Service Providers

The DMTF and TM Forum have released a joint whitepaper aimed to coordinate work around development and adoption of standards for the management and operational aspects of the cloud computing environment for Communications Service Providers. Customers and vendors of both organizations will benefit from this effort by having consistent information models, management interfaces, protocols and metrics used for cloud computing and its lifecycle management, from technology through business perspectives. Combined work will provide a stronger basis for application interoperability and co-existence and will lower development, integration and operational costs.

This document provides:

  • An overview of the cloud management related work conducted by DMTF and TM Forum
  • Highlights of the similarities and gaps in coverage
  • Recommendations for both SDOs on how to coordinate work on developing standards for a more holistic approach in Cloud management.

To download the whitepaper, click here.