DMTF Adopts Reorganization to Increase Agility - Informational WebEx Presentation Available

On August 28, the DMTF Board of Directors approved and enacted a structural reorganization, seeking to improve organizational agility and efficiency. The Board’s resolution was effective immediately. The structure and mission of the DMTF remains the same, with changes primarily benefiting work group and committee reporting structures.

Members are encouraged to listen to a recorded WebEX presentation to learn about the efforts to:

- Improve agility of the organization

- Speed innovation and progress

- Streamline document approval

- Optimize Board oversight

- Drive participation

- Improve efficiency by restructuring meeting protocol and requirements – quorum is no longer needed under the new structure

As of today, a majority of the adopted changes have been executed; any outstanding items will be finalized by the end of the week.

Stayed tuned for additional details in the upcoming October edition of the DMTF Newsletter.