DMTF’s Redfish Forum to Host Live Webinar on Redfish 2021.3 and 2021.4 Releases

DMTF’s Redfish Forum would like to invite anyone interested in learning about the Redfish 2021.3 and 2021.4 releases to join a live webinar, hosted on Zoom, on Friday, February 11th at 9:00 a.m. PT.

The Forum chairs will present the contents of the releases. A Round Table discussion will be held immediately following the webinar.

The Redfish 2021.3 release includes support for Licenses and License Management allowing for inventory and installation of licenses, as obtained by the end user, or otherwise included in a product implementation. The release supports Service-level, Device-centric or Capacity-limited license types to allow for a variety of licensing models. This support allows for either binary (file-based) or text-based licenses in a unified fashion to provide a single, interoperable method for client software to implement. The 2021.3 release also includes support for electrical buses and related products added to the PowerDistribution schema with added properties to Outlet, Circuit, Chassis, and PowerSupply to show electrical connectivity between devices.

Key highlights of the Redfish 2021.4 release are the addition of ComponentIntegrity, RegisteredClient, and ServiceConditions schemas. The new Component Integrity Model allows resources to represent security related information between two entities (typically a BMC and end device); the RegisteredClient resource collection enables clients to be aware of other clients to avoid configuration conflicts when desired; and the ServiceConditions resource provides a roll up of all active, non-normal status conditions that require attention.

Attendees will be able to ask questions during the Q and A session via the chat function or immediately following the webinar, a Round Table discussion will be held. Redfish Forum members will be available to engage in a dialogue with attendees. Details on how to join the Round Table discussion will be provided during the live webinar. We look forward to a lively discussion!

For questions regarding the webinar, email: Don’t delay, be sure to register today!