Did you miss the Redfish 2021.2 webinar? Now available on-demand!

DMTF’s Redfish Forum held a live webinar on Wednesday, October 6th.  Presented by the chairs of the Redfish Forum and hosted on Zoom, this webinar covered the contents of the 2021.2 release. The new release includes the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework allowing for authorization to be performed by an external entity – no usernames or passwords need to be provided by the client. Additionally, there are several new additions to the support modeling use cases for SmartNICs including the AllowDenyCollection, which was added to NetworkDeviceFunction to show firewalling configurations; the ProcessorCollection was added to NetworkAdapter to show offload processors dedicated to a SmartNIC; and a DPU Value was added to SystemType in ComputerSystem to showcase a system-view of an SoC on a SmartNIC. Key provisioning via Redfish was also added to support NVMe-oF boot use cases where UEFI and the OS need key information to connect to remote NVMe-oF targets. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

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