Congratulations to DMTF’s 2020 Super Star Award Recipient

DMTF is pleased to recognize Patrick Caporale (Lenovo) as the 2020 Super Star Award recipient – DMTF’s equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.

As both DMTF vice president of marketing and co-chair of the Platform Management Components Intercommunications (PMCI) Working Group, Patrick has provided invaluable leadership and contributions to both technical standard development as well as the marketing efforts of the organization. His colleagues value him as an insightful leader and strategic thinker and appreciate that he incorporates the ideas of others. Patrick’s feedback and perspective of where the industry is headed is sought-after by the groups he leads. His technical due diligence is thorough, and his thoughtful analysis optimizes the time spent on deliverables. DMTF standards are eminently more relevant and adoptable because of Patrick’s consistent contributions over many years.

To read more about Patrick’s long list of contributions, visit our Super Star Awards webpage. We thank Patrick for his effort and dedication to the betterment and growth of DMTF.