Common Diagnostic Model (CDM) Forum Releases White Paper

The DMTF’s Common Diagnostic Model (CDM) Forum recently published the updated white paper, “Common Information Model (CIM) Diagnostic Model.”  The paper describes the CDM schema as it appears in CIM 2.34 and in future development. It provides guidance, where appropriate, to client and provider implementers to reinforce the standardization goal.

Both an architecture and methodology for exposing system diagnostic instrumentation through standard CIM interfaces, the CDM schema has been extended to improve versatility and extendibility. The latest version of the white paper incorporates a number of major changes implemented since the previous version.

Currently the CDM specification is widely used within the industry to evaluate the health of hardware systems in multi-vendor environments. The DMTF's CDM Forum is dedicated to uniting the computer industry on a single interoperable interface to all system diagnostics. For additional information on the forum please visit To download the latest version of the CDM white paper click here