Call for Papers - DMTF Academic Alliance Workshop on Datacenter and Cloud Management

On November 9, the DMTF will host the Datacenter and Cloud Management 2015 Workshop (DCM2015) showcasing DMTF alliances within the academic community. The eighth annual workshop for academic research covers standards and new technologies focusing on the management of platforms, systems and datacenters.

Submittals are encouraged from on-going research, completed research, and implementation experiences in the following areas covering use cases, solution architecture and interfaces:

        Management of Compute and Storage Clouds
        Managing Service Catalogs and Selecting Service Templates
        Managing SaaS, IaaS and PaaS
        Orchestrating the Cloud
        Open Source Management (e.g. OpenStack)

        Software Defined Networking, Storage and Compute
        Software Defined Datacenter
        NFV – Network Function Virtualization
        System Virtualization
        Managing Network Services and Fabric Topologies
        Managing the Datacenter Facility

    System Management
        Managing Compute, Storage and Network Platforms
        Managing Desktop Platforms and Mobile Devices
        Managing the Internet of Things (IoT)
        Telemetry, Control and Autonomics for Management
        Fault Management and Diagnostics

    Protocols and Models
        Managing with RESTful Protocols
        Managing with Web-service Protocols
        Information Models

Papers must be submitted by May 17.  For more information on DCM2015, go to the Events page on the DMTF website [].

The DMTF values input from the academic world and is open to providing information to faculty and students studying and researching management standards. The Academic Alliance membership is a free membership for individuals of accredited institutions of higher learning. Academic Alliance Members have access to the DMTF members-only web pages and email lists and are eligible to participate in DMTF working groups, Marketing Task Force and Technical Committee as non-voting members. For more information on how to become an Academic Alliance Member, please contact DMTF.