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CIM Schema: Version 2.26.0

The CIM V2.26.0 Release Notes describe the changes that have been incorporated into this release, as well as instructions for installing the Schema.  We recommend that you review this document first.

As part of CIM 2.26.0, a number of enhancements and additions are introduced throughout the Schema, including ongoing improvements to support product and alliance partners and to support DMTF Profiles and Management Initiatives.  Examples include updates to BIOS, printers, standard messages, operating system state, modern power management paradigms, virtualization and security.  In addition, it should be noted that the CIM Schema is built automatically for the DMTF.  All of the change requests for the CIM 2.26.0 release were applied programmatically, instead of by hand.  Contributions to the CIM schema have been made possible through the DMTF Alliance Partnerships with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the Open Grid Forum (OGF).

Please keep in mind that Experimental elements may change in a backward incompatible way.

The following zip archives provide a way to download the CIM V2.26.0 Schema MOF, PDF and UML in bulk, rather than individually.

Individual UML Diagrams

You can obtain the entire CIM V2.26.0 Schema in Managed Object Format (MOF) from the .zip archive of all MOF files above.

Schema UML Diagrams
+ CIM_Application [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Application-J2eeAppServer [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Core [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Database [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Device [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Event [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Interop [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_IPsecPolicy [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Metrics [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Network [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Physical [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Policy [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Security [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_Support [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_System [ visio | pdf ]
+ CIM_User [ visio | pdf ]

Schema Documentation

This file contains the Schema in HTML document format.

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