Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

DMTF enables more effective management of IT systems worldwide.

User Access

This page is intended to help the newcomer find his or her way around the DMTF Web site, or assist members having trouble logging in. If your company is already a member you may create an account. If you already have an account you may reset your password if you have forgotten it. Any questions or comments about the Web site, its navigation, or content may be directed to the appropriate DMTF individuals by using the Contact Us form. A link to this form appears at the very bottom of every page.

Member Area

As a DMTF member, you have access to a wide range of information available only to member companies. To gain access to the member area, you will need a member ID and password. If you do not already have member access, please create an account to obtain your ID and password. If your email address matches that of your parent company you will receive your Web site access credentials via email immediately.

Your member ID and password allow you to:

The members document review page provides access to two sections: the company document review area, and the working group document area. The company document review area contains documents that are in the final stages of approval before becoming DMTF Specifications or Standards. The working group document area contains information about work in progress within the DMTF working groups.

Working Group Areas

DMTF working group access is for active working group members. If your company is a Leadership or Participation Member, your company may join as many working groups as you'd like. To gain access to the working group areas, you will first need a member ID and password. If you do not already have member access, please request your ID and password. You will receive your Web site access credentials within one or two business days.

To join a working group, use the following steps: