Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

DMTF Frequently Asked Questions


What is DMTF?
Founded in 1992, the Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) is the organization bringing the IT industry together to collaborate on systems management standards development, validation, promotion and adoption.

Why are DMTF standards important to the industry?
DMTF enables a more integrated and cost effective approach to management through interoperable solutions.

What are DMTF's standards?
DMTF standards provide common management infrastructure components for instrumentation, control and communication in a platform-independent and technology neutral way. A complete list of DMTF standards is available here.

Who are DMTF's members?
DMTF member companies and alliance partner representatives span the industry, with active participants from companies and organizations of all sizes from more than 40 countries. The DMTF board of directors is led by 17 innovative, industry-leading companies, including: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD); Broadcom Corporation; CA Technologies , Inc.; Cisco; Citrix Systems, Inc.; EMC; Fujitsu; HP; Huawei; IBM; Intel Corporation; Microsoft Corporation; NetApp; Oracle; RedHat SunGard Availability Services and VMware, Inc.

How is DMTF's work produced?
DMTF is led by its board of directors, which is responsible for establishing direction and strategy for the organization and the standards it delivers; a Technical Committee, which oversees the Work Groups to develop and document DMTF's standards; a Marketing Committee, which directs DMTF's overall industry marketing and communications efforts; and an Interoperability Committee, which supplements DMTF resources so that multi-vendor implementations of DMTF technologies can be compatible in the industry. The committees collaborate closely with all DMTF members, particularly active members of the Work Groups.

Does the DMTF work with other standards bodies?
DMTF works closely with other industry standards bodies in the development of DMTF standards, many of which have established Alliance Partnerships with DMTF. This work spans the entire spectrum of DMTF standards, from CIM to desktop and systems management to web services and cloud management.

Why should I join the DMTF?
The DMTF offers a variety of membership levels designed to encourage participation from all those interested in distributed management. Some of the organizations that should consider joining the DMTF ranks include end users, government organizations, vendors, systems integrators/value added resellers and individuals.

While each member of the DMTF may benefit differently, the overall advantages of DMTF membership include:

  • Front-line access to information about DMTF standards
  • The opportunity to participate in the process of defining these standards
  • The synergy of working with other vendors who are addressing similar implementation issues.

Where can I learn more about DMTF Working Groups and Committees?
You can visit the Working Groups and Committees page for more information.

Where can I get more information about DMTF and its standards, including whitepapers and overview documents?
More information is available at our Learning Center.

How do I join DMTF?
Sign up in the Join Us section.

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