Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

About Academic Alliances

The DMTF approves Academic Alliances to promote the use and extension of DMTF technologies within academia.

  • Researchers who use DMTF standards for current research
  • Researchers who are interested in extending DMTF models into new domains, even beyond manageability.
  • Researchers who want to contribute their expertise and experience is modeling theory

Members of universities or research institutes may apply as an academic alliance member to participate in a DMTF working group or forum. The DMTF Academic Alliance has over 200 members. To see a list of members, visit our Members Listing page.

To apply for Academic Alliance membership, please complete the Academic Alliance application form.


Academic Forums and Research

The DMTF hosts workshops and tracks within larger conference to highlight research in manageability. Below is a list of research which has been presented at DMTF workshops or tracks. In 2016, DMTF sponsored the CNSM Mini-Conference.

Members from DMTF and DMTF Officers serve on the Technical Program Committees and Organization Committees for CNSM and SVM workshops.

CNSM Mini-Conference 2016 (International Conference on Network and Service Management in IEEE CNSM 2016)

  • Reliability-Aware Service Provisioning in NFV-enabled Enterprise Datacenter Networks
    Long Qu, Qatar University, Qatar; Chadi Assi, Concordia University, Canada; Khaled Bashir Shaban, Qatar University, College of Engineering, Qatar; Maurice J. Khabbaz, Notre-Dame University, Lebanon
  • CoFence: A Collaborative DDoS Defence Using Network Function Virtualization
    Bahman Rashidi, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA; Carol J Fung, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
  • Emulating an Infrastructure with EASE
    Arup Raton Roy, University of Waterloo, Canada; Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, University of Waterloo, Canada; Md. Faizul Bari, University of Waterloo, Canada; Reaz Ahmed, University of Waterloo, Canada; Raouf Boutaba, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • The Curious Case of Parallel Connections in HTTP/2
    Jawad Manzoor, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Idilio Drago, Politecnico di Torino, Italy; RaminSadre, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Measuring Web Similarity from Dual-stacked Hosts
    Steffie Jacob Eravuchira, SamKnows, United Kingdom; Vaibhav Bajpai, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany; Jürgen Schönwälder, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany; Sam Crawford, SamKnows, United Kingdom
  • Detecting and Diagnosing Performance Impact of Smartphone Software Upgrades
    Ajay A Mahimkar, ATT Labs - Research, USA
  • NEMEA: A Framework for Network Traffic Analysis
    Tomas Cejka, CESNET and CTU in Prage, FIT, Czech Republic; Václav Bartoš, CESNET, Czech Republic; Marek Svepes, CESNET, Czech Republic; Zdenek Rosa, CESNET, Czech Republic; Hana Kubatova, CTU in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Self-Optimizing Energy Management in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
    Majid Ghaderi, University of Calgary, Canada; Mohammad Naghibi, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Reusability of Software-Defined Networking Applications: A Runtime, Multi-Controller Approach
    Roberto Doriguzzi Corin, CREATE-NET, Italy; Pedro A Aranda Gutiérrez, Telefónica, I+D, Spain; Elisa Rojas, Telcaria Ideas SL, Spain; Holger Karl, University of Paderborn , Germany; Elio Salvadori, Create-Net, Italy
  • BRAHMA: An Intelligent Framework for Automated Scaling of Streaming and Deadline-critical Workflows
    Ankita Atrey, Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium; Hendrik Moens, Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium; Gregory Van Seghbroeck, Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium; Bruno Volckaert, Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium; Filip De Turck, Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium

DCM 2015 (Datacenter and Cloud Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2015)

  • Realizaing Network Function Virtualization Mgmt and Orchestration with Model Based Open Architecture
    Yuling Chen, Yinghua Qin, Mark Lambe and Wenjing Chu
  • A File-system Abstraction for Virtualized Mgmt
    Vitalian Danciu
  • DMTF's Open Software Defined Data Center
    Mark Carlson - Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc
  • Scalable Microservice based Architecture for Enabling DMTF Profiles
    Divyanand Malavalli and Sivakumar Sathappan
  • The COMPOSE API for the Internet of Things
    Juan Luis Pérez, Álvaro Villalba, David Carrera, Iker Larizgoitia and Vlad Trifa
  • On Orchestrating Virtual Network Functions
    Raouf Boutaba

SVM 2013 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2013)

  • OpenSAF and VMWare from the Perspective of High Availability
    Ali Nikzad, Maria Toeroe, and Ferhat Khendek
  • Integrating VM Selection Criteria in Distributed Dynamic VM Consolidation Using Fuzzy Q-Learning
    Seyed Saeid Masoumzadeh and Helmut Hlavacs
  • Integrating an Online Configuration Checker with Existing Mgmt Systems
    Ludi Akue, Emmanuel Lavinal, Thierry Desprats, and Michelle Sibilla
  • An Approach for Knowledge-based IT Mgmt of Air Traffic Control Systems
    Fabian Meyer
  • Software Defined Networking in the Cloud
    Thomas Michael Bohnert, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Who Decides Migration? A Migration Lock Mechanism for Virtual Machines
    Xiaolin Wang and Yingwei Luo
  • Adapting Applications to Exploit Virtualization Management Knowledge
    Vitalian Danciu and Alexander Knapp
  • Towards an Improved Data Centre Simulation with DC Sim
    Michael Tighe, Gaston Keller, Jamil Shamy, Michael Bauer, and Hanan Lutfiyya

SVM 2012 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2012)

  • DC Sim: A Data Centre Simulation Tool for Evaluating Dynamic Resource Allocation Mgmt
    Michael Tighe, Gaston Keller, Michael Bauer and Hanan Lutfiyya
  • Network Port Profiles Based Provisioning and Deployment Model for Virtual Networking Components
    Hemal Shah, John Parchem, Lawrence Lamers and Shishir Pardikar
  • Managing OVF applications under SLA constrains on Contrail Virtual Execution Platform
    Yvon Jegou, Piyush Harsh, Roberto G. Cascella, Florian Dudouet and Christine Morin
  • An Analysis of First Fit Heuristics for the VM Reallocation Problem
    Gaston Keller, Michael Tighe, Hanan Lutfiyya and Michael Bauer
  • Autoconfiguration of Enterprise-class Application Deployment in Virtual Infrastructure Using OVF Activation Mechanisms
    Fermín Galán, Miguel Gómez, Fernando de La Iglesia, Ignacio Blasco and Daniel Morán
  • Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficient Virtualized Data Centers
    Helmut Hlavacs and Thomas Treutner
  • Cloud Service Recommendation and Selection for Enterprises
    Shixing Yan, Chunqing Chen, Guopeng Zhao and Bu Sung Lee
  • DMTF Common Information Model (CIM) Update
    Hemal Shah and John Parchem
  • Using Open Standards for Interoperability – Issues, Solutions and Challenges facing Cloud Computing
    Piyush Harsh, Florian Dudouet, Roberto Cascella, Yvon Jegou and Christine Morin

SVM 2011 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2011)

SVM 2010 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2010)

SVM 2009 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Springer 2009)

SVM 2008 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Springer 2008)

SVM 2007 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)