Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

DMTF enables more effective management of IT systems worldwide.

Working Groups and Committees

The DMTF's top-level committees, the Alliance Committee, Interoperability Committee, Marketing Committee, and Technical Committee, oversee the operations of the DMTF's subcommittees and working groups. Committees can form subcommittees, which focus on issues in specific areas of the committee's charter. Under subcommittees are the working groups. All groups are comprised of DMTF members with specific areas of expertise helping to develop the various standards, specifications, and other documents in support of managing enterprise and Internet environments.

DMTF working groups are established and dissolved on an as-needed basis. Participation is open to all DMTF members except for Monitoring-level members. If you are a DMTF member and would like to join a working group, please go to the working group Web page and click the "Join This Group" link near the top of the page. Or, you can contact the chair of the specific group in which you are interested. If you are not a DMTF member and would like to become one, just visit the Join Us area of the Web site.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee develops standards and initiatives for the DMTF. The Technical Committee oversees the following subcommittees and working groups:

Alliance Committee

The Alliance Committee is responsible for forming and maintaining formal liaison relationships with other standards organizations as well as Academic Alliance members. The Alliance Committee works with Alliance Partners to host the annual Alliance Partner Technical Symposium, as well as Academic Alliance members to sponsor the annual Academic Alliance Workshop, known as SVM.

Interoperability Committee

The Interoperability Committee is devoted to facilitating vendor conformance to DMTF specifications, interoperability between vendor implementations, and highlighting vendor product certifications. It is presently working to develop a Conformance and Certification program to enhance these efforts. Members interested in joining the Interoperability Committee can learn more from the links below, and join online.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee communicates with the industry, the public, and members about the activities of the organization.

Process and Incubation Committee

The Process and Incubation Committee enhances the DMTF's ability to promote Management Interoperability by responding to and seeking out areas of improvement in internal DMTF Processes in collaboration with other relevant committees and the DMTF Board. The committee also manages the Standards Incubation efforts.

Education Committee

Regional Chapter Committee

The Regional Chapter Committee oversight responsibility for the development of all DMTF Regional Chapter specifications, white papers, revisions and any other work that describes the operational or management aspects of forming and managing Regional Chapters of the DMTF.