Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

DMTF enables more effective management of IT systems worldwide.

About DMTF

DMTF enables effective management of IT environments. The organization is comprised of industry-leading member companies that collaborate on the development, validation and promotion of infrastructure management standards.

The group spans the globe with 160 member companies and organizations, and more than 4,000 active participants crossing 43 countries. The DMTF board of directors is led by 16 innovative, industry-leading technology companies. They include Broadcom Corporation; CA Technologies; Cisco; Citrix Systems, Inc.; Dell, Emerson Network Power, Fujitsu; Hewlett-Packard Company; Hitachi, Ltd; Intel Corporation; Microsoft Corporation; NetApp; Oracle; Software AG; Telecom Italia; and VMware, Inc.

With this deep and broad reach, DMTF creates standards that enable interoperable IT management. These standards specify well-defined interfaces that collectively deliver complete management capabilities. DMTF standard interfaces are critical to enabling interoperability among multi-vendor IT infrastructures, and systems and network management including cloud, virtualization, desktop, network, servers and storage. 

DMTF Standards Simplify IT Management and Lower Costs

Standards become even more crucial with increasing pressure to ensure that technology investments remain viable for years to come. Standards allow forward-thinking CIOs and IT managers to select the products that best suit their needs today–regardless of vendor–while helping to ensure that no proprietary constraints arise when new systems are put in place in the future.

Our mission is to create standards that enable interoperable IT management. DMTF members and alliance partners represent all facets of the enterprise and computing sector, from major hardware and software vendors to companies specializing in the development of tools for managing the enterprise system. This widespread collaboration enables open development of standards critical to providing interoperable IT management.
– Winston Bumpus, Chair of the Board, DMTF

DMTF is committed to protecting companies' IT investments by creating standards that promote multi-vendor interoperability. Our dedication to fostering collaboration within the industry provides a win-win situation for vendors and IT personnel alike.

DMTF members collaborate to develop IT management standards that promote multi-vendor interoperability worldwide. Together with a broad range of alliance partners, the group is at the center of the systems-management industry, developing standards that are continually improving the IT management landscape.

DMTF standards primarily serve:

  • IT Personnel – DMTF provides increased choice, reduced cost and improved interoperability for heterogeneous IT management infrastructures.
  • IT Solutions Vendors – DMTF standards reduce development and design costs by enabling companies to dedicate resources to growing their own business.