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CIM Common Information Model

The DMTF’s Common Information Model (CIM) provides a common definition of management information for systems, networks, applications and services, and allows for vendor extensions.

The CIM standard includes a Specification and a Schema, as well as a Metamodel:

CIM Management Schema

The CIM Schema provides the actual model descriptions. Management schemas are the building-blocks for management platforms and management applications, such as device configuration, performance management, and change management. CIM structures the managed environment as a collection of interrelated systems, each composed of discrete elements.

Supplying a set of classes with properties and associations that provide a well-understood conceptual framework, CIM organizes information about the managed environment. The CIM Schema is structured into these distinct layers: core model, common model, extension schemas.

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CIM Specification

CIM can be used in many ways, and the CIM Specification defines the details for integration with other management models. An information model requires a set of legal statement types or syntax and a collection of expressions to manage common aspects of the domain (in this case, complex computer systems). In CIM, the information for performing tasks is organized so that disparate groups of people can use it.

CIM Metamodel

The CIM Metamodel defines the semantics for the construction of new conformant models and the schema that represents those models. Modeling requirements and environments are often different and change over time. The metamodel is further enhanced with the capability of extending its elements through the use of qualifiers.

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CIM Schemas

DSP #sort icon Version Title Date Comments
2.27.0 CIM Schema 15 Nov 2010

Release Notes

2.21.0 CIM Schema 21 Apr 2010

Release Notes

2.24.1 CIM Schema 20 Jan 2010

Release Notes

2.22.1 CIM Schema 25 Oct 2009

Release Notes

2.26.0 CIM Schema 21 Jul 2010

Release Notes

DMTF Specifications

DSP #sort icon Version Title Date Comments
DSP0221 3.0.0 Managed Object Format Specification 3 Jan 2013

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

DSP0219 1.0.0 UML Profile for CIM 11 Aug 2009

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DSP0105 1.1.0 CIM Compliance Specification

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DSP0004 2.6.0 CIM Infrastructure Specification 17 Mar 2010

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DSP0004 2.5.0 CIM Infrastructure Specification 1 May 2009

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DSP0004 2.3.0 CIM Infrastructure Specification 4 Oct 2005

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DSP0004 2.7.0 CIM Infrastructure Specification 23 May 2012

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

DSP0004 3.0.0 CIM Metamodel 3 Jan 2013

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

DSP0004 3.0.1 Common Information Model (CIM) Metamodel 4 Sep 2014

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

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DMTF Feedback Policy

The DMTF welcomes feedback on our standards, but requires that individuals submitting comments first agree to our DMTF Feedback Policy.

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