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NETMAN Network Management Initiative

DMTF’s Network Management Initiative (NETMAN™) is an integrated set of standards for management of physical, virtual, application-centric and software defined networks. The NETMAN initiative is leading the industry toward the unification of network management across traditional data centers, cloud infrastructures, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) environments, and software defined data center (SDDC) ecosystems.

While cloud, virtualization and software defined networking have eased the use of network functions for consumers, the challenges of deploying and managing the network supporting these infrastructures have magnified. Addressing the current complexity and abstraction, DMTF’s NETMAN will provide the necessary standards-based management models and interfaces to enable consistent, unified and automated provisioning, deployment, configuration, and monitoring of network environments. Moreover, the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) initiative ( significantly benefits from NETMAN.

Today’s existing and emerging network management standards do not attempt to integrate with server, virtualization and cloud management standards to simplify and unify the management of the overall infrastructure. Building upon the DMTF’s widely-deployed management standards, NETMAN is in the unique position to:

  • Facilitate interoperable management across multiple network environments
  • Enable a common management infrastructure for network resources and services that can span across multiple implementations, including open source solutions
  • Deliver effective management of the network environment within new paradigms such as SDDC and NFV

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Work in Progress Documents

DSP # Version Title Datesort icon Comments Expiration Date
DSP2034 1.0.0a Network Services Management Use Cases 1 Apr 2013

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress 

DSP1063 1.0.0a Network Management Layer L3 Interface Management Profile 2 Dec 2013

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress

DSP1046 1.0.0b Network Management Profile 23 Jun 2015

.pdf file.  DMTF Work-In-Progress

DSP1068 1.0.0c DHCP Service Management Profile 12 Jan 2016

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress

DSP1120 1.0.0b Network Management - Tunnel Management Profile 25 Feb 2016

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress 

DSP1069 1.0.0g DNS Service Management Profile 26 Feb 2016

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress

DSP1048 1.0.0c Network Policy Management Profile 26 Feb 2016

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress