Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

The Value of Membership

The DMTF has established itself as the organization to bring together key technology vendors, service providers, government organizations, and end users for the development, adoption, and interoperability of management standards and initiatives for enterprise, cloud, and Internet environments. Members of the DMTF benefit from:

  • Front-line access to information about DMTF standards and interoperability programs
  • The opportunity to participate in the process of defining these standards and programs
  • The synergy of working with others who are addressing similar implementation plans

Organizations that fit any one of the following categories should consider joining ranks with the more than 160 vendors, end users, service providers, and affiliates who are already active members of the DMTF:

  • Providers of any type of PC product or peripheral -- application software, management software, servers, desktop systems, printers, modems, sound cards, network adapters, etc.
  • End users of technology - including government organizations - interested in learning about and helping develop the standards that are shaping the management of technology including enterprise, cloud, and Internet environments.
  • Vendors interested in developing a standard management framework for their products and services
  • Vendors and service providers interested in using platform, virtualization and cloud management standards to differentiate and add value to products and services
  • Vendors with customers that request or require standards-based management solutions
  • Vendors that are offering management solutions based on Web standards such as XML, HTTP, and REST.
  • Vendors or companies that want to use Web-based enterprise management standards for managing e-commerce systems

The work of the DMTF is funded through membership dues. These dues are among the lowest in the industry. End user and government agencies are eligible for 50% discounts on Leadership and Participation level membership. Learn more about the DMTF Membership Levels.

If you have feedback or suggestions on ways to improve the value of your membership within the DMTF, or questions regarding membership that are not answered on the DMTF Web site, please send them to DMTF's VP of Membership.