Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

Academic Alliance Application

1) Eligibility - Members of academic institutions performing research in manageability or using manageability in their research. This includes students, post-docs and instructors. Instructors developing course material should use the public collateral available on this site (specs, whitepapers, etc.)

2) Applicants may apply to join one DMTF working group. For a list of working groups and their charters, please visit our Working Groups and Committees page.

3) Applications are reviewed and approved by the DMTF Board of Directors. Depending on the Board meeting schedule and when your application is submitted, this process may take up to a month or more to complete.

4) Each individual needs to complete a separate application.

5) DMTF members are subject to the following policies, including the Member Code of Conduct and the DMTF Bylaws, located at By applying for membership you are indicating that you have been informed of and agree to these DMTF policies.

6) Academic Alliance members are encouraged to: 1) reference DMTF standards which are used in or the subject of your research, and 2) provide feedback and recommendation on how DMTF standards can be improved via the DMTF feedback portal.


Note: All applicants will be added to the Academic Alliance subcommittee.