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SEWG Software Entitlement Working Group

Working Group Chair

  • Shishir Pardikar, Citrix Systems Inc.

Working Group Description

The emergence of cloud computing along with virtualization adds additional complexity to software license management for platform vendors, application providers and their customers. The efforts of the DMTF’s Software Entitlement Working Group allow the industry to better manage licensed software products and product usage.

Focusing on the interoperability with which software inventory and  product usage are expressed, the DMTF’s Software Entitlement work is part of its Cloud Management Initiative.  

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Upcoming Working Group Deliverables

DMTF Standard Publication Identifier Document Title Target Version Target Release Date
DSPxxxx CIM Software Entitlement Usage and Metrics Profile 1.0.0 In Development
DSP1067 Software ID Tag Profile 1.0.0 In Development

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DMTF Profiles

DSP # Version Title Date Comments
DSP1067 1.0.0a Software ID Tag Profile 17 Nov 2014

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress

White Papers and Technical Notes

DSP # Version Title Date Comments
DSP-IS0301 1.0.0 Software Identification and Entitlement Usage Metrics 13 Jun 2012

.pdf file. DMTF Informational

Work in Progress Documents

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Expiration Date
DSP1067 1.0.0a Software ID Tag Profile 17 Nov 2014

.pdf file. DMTF Work-In-Progress

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