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Join DMTF President Winston Bumpus as he leads a video roundtable from the Management Developers Conference on the topic of "Cloud Interoperability."

Title: Cloud Interoperability Panel

Description: This video panel will address management scenarios for interoperability among cloud consumers and providers.  Key questions discussed by the panel include:

  • Which cloud interoperability actors and scenarios will become important in the next few years?
  • What will be the requirements for cloud interfaces in response to these scenarios?
  • What could prevent clouds from being open and interoperable?

Presenters: Winston Bumpus, DMTF; Doug Davis, IBM; Josh Cohen, Microsoft; Mark Carlson, Oracle; Alan Sill, Texas Tech University

Time and date: December 8, 2011: 1-3pm PT / 3-5pm ET

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This video panel from the Management Developers Conference will be streaming into the BrightTALK Data Center Transformation Summit on December 8th as part of a full-day online event.  You can view the full lineup and sign up to attend any or all of the complimentary presentations at:

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Thu, 2011-12-08

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