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APTS 2016 Social Event Registration

Registration for the APTS 2016 social event is now open. Our social event includes two separate events. The first portion of the evening will be a cheese tasting/pairing with The Portland Cheese Course and located at The Upper Lip, which is on the second floor above Bailey's Taproom. The second portion of the evening will be a dinner at Saucebox.

The cheese pairing at The Upper Lip will begin at 6:00pm and will last for approximately one hour. We will then have dinner at 7:30 at Saucebox. Both venues will be within walking distance from the APTS event hotel.

Individuals may attend both parts of the event or they may attend only one portion, if they'd prefer. Below, please select which portion of the evening you'll be attending. The first 30 people to register (for each portion) will be able to attend. Please note, we have 30 people registered for this evening event and we now have a wait list.

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