DMTF Press Releases

Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

Title Date
DMTF to Examine Need for Software License Management Standards 28 Feb 2011
DMTF’s Open Virtualization Format Achieves ANSI Adoption 31 Aug 2010
DMTF Launches Conformance Programs for DASH and CDM 25 Aug 2010
DMTF Releases New Open Cloud Standards Incubator Documents; Announces Workgroup Formation 27 Jul 2010
DMTF Welcomes Cisco to Board of Directors 11 May 2010
DMTF Announces Partnership with Cloud Security Alliance 1 Dec 2009
DMTF Identifies Next Steps for Cloud Standards Work 16 Nov 2009
DMTF Standardizes CIM Policy Language for Managing Computing Resources 14 Sep 2009
DMTF Releases Suite of Standards For Improving Intercommunications Among System Components 24 Aug 2009
DMTF Releases CMDBf Standard for Federating Configuration Management Data 21 Jul 2009
DMTF Builds Interoperability Program for Virtualization Management 4 May 2009
DMTF to Develop Standards for Managing a Cloud Computing Environment 27 Apr 2009
Citrix Joins DMTF Board of Directors 6 Apr 2009
DMTF Releases OVF 1.0 Standard 23 Mar 2009
DMTF Launches VMAN Initiative for Managing Virtualized Systems 16 Sep 2008
DMTF Announces CA, Oracle and VMware as New Board Members 3 Jun 2008
DMTF Advances IT Management with Release of Web Services Standard 29 Apr 2008
DMTF Achieves National Recognition with Newly Approved ANSI Standard 8 Apr 2008
Fortisphere Joins the Distributed Management Task Force 17 Mar 2008
DMTF and The Green Grid Join Forces to Advance Interoperability of Energy-Efficient Technology Solutions 4 Feb 2008