Start Planning Now for Membership Renewal


随着DMTF新财政年度的临近,我们的会员资格续订期即将到来 - 请立即采取措施,确保您的组织准备好续订! 贵公司的帐单联系人将在 1 月初收到发票,因此请务必提醒他们! 即将到来的会员年度为 4 月 1 日至 3 月 31.


DMTF Announces 2022 Star Award Recipients

每一年,我们的之星奖计划表彰那些通过投入时间和精力推进DMTF标准和举措而对组织表现出巨大价值的成员。 我们很自豪地感谢这些成员超越了组织,为组织的成功做出了贡献。 我们感谢并祝贺所有人!


SPDM Code Task Force Announces Release

SPDM 代码任务组宣布其最新的开源版本的 libspdm 版本 2.2.0,该版本符合 DSP0274 1.0.1、1.1.2 和 1.2.1,现在可用于 下载。 它还包含对 DSP0277、276 和 275 的支持。 您可以在小组的readme中找到所有这些内容。 此外,SPDM 支持的命令、加密算法支持、设计、威胁模型和用户指南等详细信息也可以在自述文件存储库.



Did you miss the Redfish 2022.2 webinar? Now available on-demand!

DMTF的红鱼论坛于10月13日星期四举行了现场网络研讨会。 本次网络研讨会由红鱼论坛的主席主持,并在Zoom上主持,涵盖了2022.2版本的内容。 演讲之后是问答环节A 会话



DMTF 标准支持能够管理各种传统和新兴技术(包括云、虚拟化、网络和基础设施)的实施。


请访问 DMTF 的学习中心,以便轻松访问最新的 DMTF 教育资源 和材料,这些资源和材料由技术分类。



DMTF 为技术供应商、政府组织和最终用户提供加入和参与的机会。



DMTF News & Updates

Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

17 Nov 22

As DMTF’s new fiscal year approaches, our membership renewal period is right around the corner - please take steps today to ensure your organization is prepared to renew! Your company’s billing contact will receive the invoice in early January so be sure to give them the heads up! The upcoming membership year runs April 1 to March 31.

10 Nov 22

Continuing its commitment to industry outreach and education, DMTF’s Redfish Forum will participate in SC22, November 14-17, 2022, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. SC22 is an international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

8 Nov 22

DMTF’s Redfish Forum held a live webinar on Thursday, October 13th.  Presented by the chairs of the Redfish Forum and hosted on Zoom, this webinar covered the contents of the 2022.2 release.

27 Oct 22

Each year, our Star Awards program recognizes members who have demonstrated great value to the organization through the dedication of their time and efforts to advance DMTF standards and initiatives. 

20 Oct 22

DMTF’s SPDM Code Task Force announces its latest open source release of libspdm, version 2.2.0, which is conformant with DSP0274 1.0.1, 1.1.2 and 1.2.1, and is now available for download.  It also contains support for DSP0277, 276, and 275.  You can find all of this in the group’s readme here. In addition, details such as the SPDM supported commands, cryptographic algorithm support, design, threat model, and users guide can also be found in the readme in the