Redfish Release 2021.4 Now Available

DMTF的 Redfish®,版本2021.4现已可供公众下载。 该标准的最新版本包括四个新架构、29 个架构更新和其他开发人员资源。



New DMTF Webpage Highlights Adopters of DMTF Standards

DMTF规范可以在数百万种产品中找到,但大多数人都不知道哪些产品支持DMTF标准。 DMTF创建了一个新 网页 ,公司可以在其中展示他们采用或实施了哪些标准。


PMCI Educational Material Now Available

您是否希望了解有关DMTF的 平台管理通信基础设施(PMCI) 工作组及其创建的规范的更多信息? 本技术说明将通过概述 PMCI 体系结构和每个标准的优势来帮助您回答您的问题! 重点介绍以下标准 - 管理组件传输协议 (MCTP)、网络控制器边带接口 (NC-SI)、平台级数据模型 (PLDM) 以及安全协议和数据模型 (SPDM)。


DMTF Shares Industry Support for its Platform Security Standards

DMTF最近宣布其安全协议和数据模型(SPDM)规范已获得行业支持,并正在通过标准化的平台安全协议积极帮助解决客户和最终用户的担忧。 一些行业领导者和联盟合作伙伴正在利用DMTF的SPDM标准,以共同的方式解决平台安全问题。



DMTF 标准支持能够管理各种传统和新兴技术(包括云、虚拟化、网络和基础设施)的实施。


请访问 DMTF 的学习中心,以便轻松访问最新的 DMTF 教育资源 和材料,这些资源和材料由技术分类。



DMTF 为技术供应商、政府组织和最终用户提供加入和参与的机会。



DMTF News & Updates

Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

27 Jan 22

In this video presentation, DMTF President Jeff Hilland provides listeners with an overview of the organization while highlighting the benefits of being a member.

25 Jan 22

DMTF’s Redfish®, Release 2021.4 is now available for public download. Designed to deliver simple and secure management for hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), the latest release of the Redfish standard includes four new schemas, 29 schema updates, and additional developer resources. 

20 Jan 22

DMTF specifications can be found in millions of products, but most people have no idea which products support DMTF standards.

DMTF has created a new webpage where companies can showcase which standards they have adopted or implemented.

18 Jan 22

Over the last several years platforms have become increasingly complex. Standardized communication between devices and management elements is critical to obtain platform adoption across multiple implementations while reducing common complaints from system integrators.A re you looking to learn more about DMTF’s Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Working Group and the specifications that it creates?

13 Jan 22

DMTF today announced that its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) specifications have garnered industry support and are actively helping to solve customer and end user concerns with a standardized platform security protocol. Developed by the Security Task Force within the Platform Management Communications Infrastructure Working Group, DMTF has created the platform security protocol and when implemented properly, SPDM helps ensure a complete chain of trust for the platform. 

6 Jan 22

DMTF announces the public release of its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Specification 1.2.0 is now available for download.