DMTF Announces 2017 Star Award Recipients

Each year, the DMTF Star Awards Program recognizes members who have demonstrated great value to the organization through the dedication of their time and efforts to advance DMTF standards and initiatives. The 2017 Star Awards recipients include Jeff Autor (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (Lenovo), Michael Raineri (Dell Inc.), Bill Scherer (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), and Bob Stevens (Dell Inc.).

Understand Redfish Composability with New Video Tutorial

A new installment of the DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is now available, with the latest video addressing composability in Redfish. A standard API designed to meet customer demands for simple and secure management in modern Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) environments, support for composable infrastructures was added in Redfish version 2017.1.

Register Now for CNSM and DMTF-Sponsored Mini-Conference

Registration is now open for the 13th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM) taking place November 26th through November 30th in Tokyo, Japan at WASEDA University.

DMTF Presents at Open Compute Project (OCP) Engineering Workshops

Continuing its commitment to industry outreach and education, DMTF recently presented at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Engineering Workshops in Dallas, Texas. The OCP Engineering Workshops are in-person technical sessions corresponding to the OCP’s nine projects.

DMTFがRedfish 2017.2 を公開

DMTFは、コンバージドITインフラストラクチャー管理における顧客のユースケースとテクノロジーをカバーするための標準仕様の積極的な策定を継続しており、本日Redfish ® の新しい版を公開しました。Redfishスキーマ2017.2Redfish仕様1.3.0がダウンロード可能になりました。

DMTF Releases Redfish 2017.2

The DMTF released a new update to Redfish® today, continuing the standard’s aggressive development to cover customer use cases and technology in converged IT infrastructure management. Version 2017.2 of the Redfish Schema and version 1.3.0 of the Redfish Specification are now available for public download.

DMTFとThe Green Gridが電源及び空調に関して連携

DMTFとThe Green Grid は、長期にわたり アライアンスパートナ の関係にあり、データセンタと電源と空調の課題について共同で取り組んでいます。この成果には、DMTFのRedfish ® に含まれる予定のデータセンタインフラストラクチャ管理(DCIM)のための電源と空調のスキーマが含まれます。The Green Gridは現在行っているDCIMプラットフォームに関する取り組みにおいてDMTFの確立された管理技術を活用していく計画です。

DMTF and The Green Grid Address Power and Cooling

DMTF and The Green Grid, long-standing alliance partners, are working together to address power and cooling in the data center. This work includes data center infrastructure management (DCIM) power and cooling schemas, which will be part of the DMTF’s Redfish®. In addition, The Green Grid is planning to reference established DMTF management technologies in its ongoing work on DCIM platforms.

Learn Redfish Storage Modeling with New Video Tutorial

The latest installment of the DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is now available, addressing storage modeling using the Redfish API. This new mini technical webinar includes an overview of storage resources, as well as a walk-through of a common use case: Direct Attached Storage (DAS).