DMTF Recognizes 2012 Star Award Winners

DMTF is proud to acknowledge those members who have gone above and beyond their usual call of duty to contribute to the organization’s success through our annual Star Awards.

DMTF がクラウド・インフラストラクチャ管理標準仕様の相互接続試験を実施

Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)は12月4日から6日の期間、東京においてCloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI)仕様を実装したクラウドの相互接続試験を行います。

DMTF to Hold Plugfest for Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI)

DMTF will hold a plugfest on December 4-6 in Tokyo, Japan to accommodate interoperability testing for implementations of the Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) standard from various member companies.

DMTF to Participate in Standards and Interoperability Panel at Cloudscape V

DMTF will be attending Cloudscape V – ‘Cloud for savings, Cloud for quality’ February 27-28 in Brussels, Belgium as a Standards Development Organization Support group.

BrightTALK Panel Now Available for Download: Virtualization to Private Cloud

DMTF recently particpated in a BrightTALK webinar titled “Virtualization to Private Cloud: Taking the Next Step.”

DMTF to Present at SNIA Japan Forum

DMTF’s Japanese Subcommittee will be participating at the SNIA Japan Forum 10th Anniversary Event on November 30, 2012. At this event, DMTF will be presenting a lecture titled “Cloud Computing Standardization Progress and Trends.”



BrightTALK Panel Now Available for Download: The State of Global Cloud Standards

DMTF and various global industry organizations recently participated in a free, 60-minute roundtable discussion on the current state of cloud computing standards.

IT pro EXPO Cloud Daysでのパネルディスカッションと講演に多数ご来場いただきありがとうございました

DMTF日本支部は、東京ビックサイトで開催される日経BP社主催の ITpro EXPO Cloud Days Tokyo 2012において、10月12日にパネルディスカッションと講演を行いました。両セッションとも多くの方にご来場をいただき、会場は満席状態でした。ありがとうございました。

DMTF to Participate in Tokyo’s ITPro Expo Cloud Days 2012

DMTF’s Japanese Subcommittee will be participating in the ITPro Expo Cloud Days 2012, one of the largest cloud events in Japan with more than 60,000 participants. This event will explore how the Cloud is rapidly becoming the foundation of corporate IT system, as many companies are taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility that the cloud provides.