2015 Year in Review and Look to the Future with DMTF President Jeff Hilland and DMTF Board Chair Jon Hass

As we cast a backwards glance over the past year, we see tremendous growth and accomplishment within the DMTF. Set upon the building blocks of the previous year, the organization continued to thrive as a relevant and vital organization hard at work.

Join Us for the Free Webinar, “Modeling Systems Management Data the Redfish Way”

Register now to join us on Tuesday, February 23, for the live webinar, “Modeling Systems Management Data the Redfish Way.” The DMTF’s Redfish Specification, released in August 2015, takes a modern approach to systems management using RESTful principles and a focus on developer usability. The Redfish data model differs from previous efforts by prioritizing end-user usability and scalability to enable management at the data center level.

DMTF and SNIA Continue to Work Together on Storage Initiatives

DMTF and long-time alliance partner, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), have recently updated their joint work register. Updated to redefine the scope, benefits, and deliverables of the alliance, the goal of this work register is to continue to incorporate standards for managing different aspects of storage within the work developed by the DMTF. 

Container World Registration Discount Available to DMTF Members

Planning on attending Container World February 16-18? As a DMTF member, you are eligible to receive discounted registration. Register now with the exclusive DMTF member discount code DMTF15 for reduced admission to Container World.

DMTF Releases CIM 2.45

The DMTF recently published the latest release of the Common Information Model (CIM) Schema, version 2.45This widely used standard provides a common definition of management information for systems, networks, applications and services, and allows for extensions.

DMTF Presents at ETSI Workshop on Information Modeling for Network Functions Virtualization

Last week the DMTF participated in ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Network Functions Virtualization (ETSI NFV) ground-breaking workshop on aligning cloud-centric and network-centric initiatives to ensure successful realization of NFV through automation. The workshop, hosted by CableLabs in Louisville, Colorado, brought together leading Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and Open Source communities in an ‘NFV Village.’

OSDDC Incubator Releases White Paper

The Open Software Defined Data Center (OSDDC) Incubator recently released the white paper“Software Defined Data Center Definition 1.0,” reviewing industry standards for the SDDC. The paper outlines use cases, definitions, and identifies existing standards gaps, as well as possible architectures for the various implementations of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).


オープン・ソフトウェア・デファインド・データセンター(OSDDC)インキュベーターは、この度ソフトウェア・デファインド・データセンター(SDDC)に関するさまざまな業界標準を解説し、「ソフトウェア・デファインド・データセンターの定義第1版」   (日本語版) を発行しました。この文書はユースケース、定義を概観し、既存の標準仕様のギャップおよびSDDCの様々な実装のための可能なアーキテクチャーを明確化しています。

Get to Know DMTF’s New VP of Membership

We are thrilled to welcome Mark Nicolas to his role within the DMTF. Mark became involved with the DMTF through the Scalable Platforms Management Forum and then continued as the Board of Directors representative from Emerson Network Power in April 2015.

DMTF China Chapter to Host Session at 5th China Cloud Computing Standards and Application Conference

The 5th China Cloud Computing Standards and Application Conference  will take place in Beijing, China on December 15th, 2015. During the conference, DMTF China Chapter will host a session presenting DMTF standards.