Join Us for a Free Webinar, “Redfish Data Model Deep Dive”

Register now to join us on Wednesday, July 15, for the live webinar, “Redfish Data Model Deep Dive.” This technically oriented webinar will walk through the resources represented in the Redfish 1.0 data model.  Led by DMTF President Jeff Hilland, the session will use a mockup of Redfish JSON payloads to familiarize viewers with the base resource, major collections (Server, Chassis and Manager) and their components, as well as supporting services that are available through the interface.

Alliance Partner Technical Symposium Event Preview

DMTF’s Alliance Partner Technical Symposium (APTS) is less than a month away but there is still time to make plans to attend! Hosted in partnership with longstanding alliance partner, Storage Networking Industry Alliance (SNIA), the symposium runs from July 20-24 in Portland, Oregon and includes meetings focused on technical topics and the technical work of interest of each of DMTF’s alliance partners.


第二届国际云计算标准化论坛于2015年6月2日13:30到17:30在国家会议中心(中国北京)308室召开。本次大会中,Jeff Hilland(DMTF主席)、国标委领导、高林(中国电子技术标准化研究院副院长)、刘多(中国信息通信研究院副院长)进行了开场发言。另外,在本次论坛分为两个分论坛,由周平主持的“标准化组织的工作进展论坛”和由高巍主持的“云计算标准的产业应用论坛”。下面提供本论坛的详细信息及论坛相关报告的下载。


2015年6月2日,波兰俄勒冈州 - 分布式管理任务组(DMTF)于今日宣布中国分会网站的启动。此网站包括了中文的DMTF网页及中文版的DMTF规范文档,这是DMTF成立20年历史上的首次。云基础设施管理接口(CIMI)标准的中文版已经可以下载。将来,更多的DMTF规范及标准的中文版将会在DMTF中文网站中提供下载。


DMTF China Chapter Announces Launch of Website and Translated Documents

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 2, 2015 – Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) today announced the launch of the China Chapter website, The site includes translated DMTF website content and specification documents available in Chinese for the first time in the organization’s 20-year history.


第7届中国云计算大会(China Cloud Computing Conference,CCCC)将在6月2日到6月5日在中国北京举行。本次大会,DMTF中国分会将会主持其第二个云标准论坛及进行板块讨论。

Common Diagnostic Model (CDM) Forum Releases White Paper

The DMTF’s Common Diagnostic Model (CDM) Forum recently published the updated white paper, “Common Information Model (CIM) Diagnostic Model.”  The paper describes the CDM schema as it appears in CIM 2.34 and in future development. It provides guidance, where appropriate, to client and provider implementers to reinforce the standardization goal.

Free Webinar, “Redfish Overview,” Now Available On-Demand

In case you missed it, the free webinar, “Redfish Overview,” is now available on-demand in the DMTF Learning Center. Led by DMTF’s SPMF Co-Chair, Jeff Autor, the webinar covers Redfish design tenets, protocol and payload, expected deliverables and timeframes. Find this and all of DMTF’s past live events directly on the DMTF BrightTALK channel. 

DMTF Announces Adoption of Cloud Management Standard by ISO and IEC

PORTLAND, Ore. – May 19, 2015 – Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) today announced that the organization’s Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) standard has been adopted and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as ISO/IEC 19831:2015.


2015年5月18日、米国オレゴン州ポートランド発 ― DMTF は本日、クラウド・インフラストラクチャー管理インターフェース(CIMI)標準が国際標準化機構(ISO)および国際電気標準会議(IEC)により、ISO/IEC  19831:2015 として採択され、発行されたことを発表しました。