Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.

DMTF enables more effective management of IT systems worldwide.

Choosing a Membership Level

What level of membership is right for you?


If your company or organization would like to chair a DMTF working group, initiate the formation of a new working group or forum, and have voting rights at the Technical and Marketing committee level on changes to DMTF standards, then you should consider at least a Leadership level of membership.


If your customers require your company to be listed in a conformance program registry then you should consider at least a Participation level of membership.


If your company would like to actively participate and contribute to the evolution of CIM, OVF, WBEM, SMASH, CDM, DASH, CIMI or other DMTF technologies in multiple working groups, or you wish to join a DMTF Forum or participate in an incubator, then you should consider at least a Participation level of membership.

Early Access to Standards

If you are a vendor and your products currently depend on the DMTF standards, such as CIM, WBEM, DASH, OVF, CIMI, and/or SMASH, and your developers need early access to changes in the standards to make sure your products are ready when the standards are finalized, your company should consider a minimum of a Monitoring level membership. Likewise, if you are a user of technology and would like to prepare for upcoming management standards and technologies, consider at least the Monitoring level of DMTF membership.


If your company or organization can benefit from the extra publicity that results from DMTF membership, you should consider at least a Monitoring level of membership. As a member, you can gain visibility through mentions in the DMTF newsletter and members-only press and analyst opportunities.